Max Knouse - Dinasaur From Jensen

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Max Knouse - Dinasaur From Jensen

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There's this Dinasaur. I don't know what's all up there. They look like bones. hopefully no tailpipes or nothing like that mixed in there. Hopefully no funny business at all going on here. There's four legs. ok, good enough for you?

released November 1, 2016 

MK- Vox, guitars, tunes 
Nat Theobald- Basses, frets missing on one. 
Jordan Tompkins- Drumset, marching bass drum, synths 
Greg Diarra - Piano, mellotron, synths 
Annamaria Crossland - Vox, sung and spoken parts 
Keith Kelly - Woodwinds 
Joshua Hill - Violin 
Meredith Minne - some spoken parts on the record, photography on this page 
Chris Schultz created the white noise sound for 'Bottle' 

Recorded and mixed by Craig Schumacher and Chris Schultz at Wavelab in Tucson 
Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering 
Joshua Hill's violin parts recorded by Joshua at The Cave in Phx 

Album cover photo and handwriting credit unknown. Cropped from an informational plaque at the Dinosaur National Monument visitor center in Jensen, Utah.